Introduction to the Facility

Our hospital has always made every effort to care for the health of the public. Our professional health care professionals and comprehensive medical facilities provide the public with disease diagnoses, treatments, and consultations that are of the highest quality. In December 1997, the “PET Center” was established, investing an enormous sum of money to purchase a PET/CT machine and create a comfortable and spacious examination environment.

Friendly service personnel   A bright, spacious lobby

The “PET Center” contains humanistic facilities and soft lighting, as well as arts throughout the center to create a warm atmosphere. The spacious lobby is equipped with comfortable sofas, a large screen LCD TV, newspapers and magazines, which are provided for patients and accompanying family and friends to use and relax. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, visitors can also enjoy a view of the bright patio, waterfall, and miniature flower garden. There are also three separate lounges. Once patients receive their injections, they can lie down and rest in these special lounges as they wait for their scans. After they complete their scans, they can also relax in the small living room and watch television or read newspapers and magazines.

Explanation by a professional physician   Lounge
examination process, allowing patients to feel reassured and respected. Examinations are completed on the same day and a nuclear medicine physician will provide a complete one-on-one explanation of the overall report, as well as a consultation, and various health and lifestyle suggestions. In addition, a detailed comprehensive VCD, a Chinese and English written report and health education information will also be prepared to help the patient manage his/her health.

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