As the environment continues to change, the needs of each person’s skin will also vary depending on their occupation and age. At Tung’s Taichung Metroharbor Hospital, we uphold the spirit of “treating our patients like family” and are committed to “understanding the needs of each patient and listening to the voices of their skin”. The surgeries we offer and the concepts we introduce differ from the traditional stereotypical image of plastic surgery. Through our medical team, we gain an in-depth understanding of the past and present condition of each individual’s skin and offer comprehensive services to completely satisfy the needs and desires of each individual with regards to the beauty of their skin and face.
We gather professionals of different levels and combine four major disciplines, “Dermatology”, “Plastic Surgery”, “Laser Cosmetology”, and “Medical Cosmetology”. Using cutting-edge medical technology, and a tight collaboration between nursing and cosmetology teams, the most delicate techniques and the latest cosmetic technology, we offer medical grade cosmetic services for both the face and the body.
The Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital- International Cosmetic Center upholds the principle of providing “Professional Results, Respect for our Customers, and Quality Care”. We personally take responsibility for each guest’s beauty needs and regard our customers’ trust as our greatest asset, while constantly thinking about how we can help our customers obtain youth, beauty, and a radiant, confident appearance so that they can welcome each day with a joyous attitude.
Our center has obtained Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification from the Joint Commission of Taiwan, indicating that this professional and objective medical accreditation organization has recognized the quality of our center’s medical cosmetic services. This signifies that the Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital- International Cosmetic Center is capable of providing consumers with high-quality, reassuring, and satisfying medical cosmetic services!


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