Clinical application
Applications in Emergency
  1.Coronary heart disease examination
2.Aortic dissection
3.Pulmonary embolism
Applications in Neurology
  1.Early stroke detection examination
2.Cerebral vascular examination
3. Extracranial trauma 3D plastic surgery
4. Carotid artery examination
5. Brain examination
Applications in Gastroenterology
  1. Abdominal organs
2. Abdominal blood vessels
Applications in Cardiology
  1. Coronary stenosis examination
2. Coronary artery calcification examination
3. Cardiac output function
Applications in Thoracic Medicine
  1. Pulmonary embolism examination
2. Lung cancer screening
Applications in Orthopedics
  3D reorganization of the various parts of the bone, sagittal reorganization, axial reorganization, coronal reorganization. The reorganization images are
comparable to the MRI.
Applications in Urology
  1.CT Ureter photography
2. Arteriovenous malformations
3. Kidney tumor
4. CT Ureter examination
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