Introduction to the Facility:

In order to satisfy the public’s demand for enhanced preventive health care standards, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital specially established the High Level Medical Imaging Health Examination Center on the third floor of the hospital. Advanced instruments and equipment were introduced to improve the quality of medical care. The interior design of the center focuses on comfort and respect. By using a warm color scheme and emphasizing personal privacy, patients will be able to feel appreciated and at ease in the center.


We only make appointments for one patient per session and carefully create a detailed personalized examination environment for each individual. This ensures strict protection of patient privacy as patients undergo a relaxed and pleasant examination, as well as the promotion of trust between the patient and medical personnel, to collectively carry out medical treatment of the highest quality.

Upon completion of each high level medical imaging health examination, medical specialists will explain the report to the patient in a separate, private explanation room. Patient consultation, a complete Chinese and English written report, and a high resolution VCD will also be provided.

Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital has always been known for its courteous and passionate service. We hope to provide a warm and clean examination room and environment, a friendly and homely interior design, as well as a high-quality and professional medical team to provide medical examinations of the highest quality and precision for the patient’s health.


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