The Da Vinci Robotic Arm System has been widely used in the medical profession due to good operability and precision, and it has allowed many surgeons to carry out more diversified and difficult surgeries. Currently the most common symptoms to which the system is applicable are:

■ Prostate tumor/ related diseases
■ Kidney tumor
■ Bladder tumor
■ Adrenal tumor
■ Complex calculus
■ Ureter surgery
■ Urinary system reconstructive surgery


  General surgery
  ■ Hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors and stones
■ Stomach cancer
■ Thyroid and parathyroid disease



■ Oropharyngeal tumor
■ Laryngeal cancer
■ Lateral pharyngeal tumor
■ Hypo-pharyngeal tumor
■ Tonsil tumors
■ Thyroid tumor
■ Sleep apnea


  Obstetrics and gynecology
  ■ Hysterectomy
■ Gynecological cancer staging surgery
■ Myomectomy
■ Partial or complete adnexectomy


  Colorectal surgery
  ■ Colorectal tumor
  Pediatric surgery
  ■ General pediatric surgery on the thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, digestive system, rectal anus, genitourinary system and other operations