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 In 1994, the Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology Center was established and has been diligently managed to this day. Today, the center has become the leading reproductive science center in Taiwan.

 The “Fertility Hope Unit” enhances the scope of service and research for infertile couples through medical technology and cooperation between units to increase the conception rate. We collectively help infertile couples by offering assistance with medical technology and psychological support. To date, we have enabled numerous couples to achieve fertility and realize their dreams of giving birth to a child.

 Due to the various changes in the lifestyle of modern people, fertility issues encountered by men and women of reproductive age as a result of late marriage are becoming increasingly frequent. According to data from developed countries in Europe, North America, and Asia, approximately 14% of couples of reproductive age have encountered problems with fertility. This includes absolute infertility, such as fallopian tube obstruction or absence or deficiency of sperm, and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are often required to achieve pregnancy. However, some cases are less severe and only require relatively mild treatments to overcome. We also treat issues which are caused by chromosomal or genetic defects, including recurrent miscarriage and infants with congenital disorders, all of which can be treated with advanced assisted reproduction technology.

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