Recruiting Plans

Clinical Care Plans for Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients

  • Clinic Care Programs Certification (CCPC),Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • We provide complete newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes medical care, including life style improvement, medication, health education, complication screening and specialist referral, outpatient and hospitalization care, and prevention of complication.
  • Provide medical services that are consistent, holistic, and in accordance with the latest medical standards.
  • Patients receive continuous interdisciplinary medical care, including physicians, diabetes case managers, nutritionists, pharmacists, health education from Registered nurses, consultation, visits, and treatment result monitor.
  • You are sincerely invited to participate in our care plans. Patients have the freedom and rights to refuse the participation. Tungs’ Hospital Diabetes Care Center cares about you.

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