CCPC DM- International Classification of Diseases Certification-Diabetes (Type 2)


The purpose is to help the medical team members to understand the health care methods of JCIA-CCPC Type 2-diabetes and provide medical services in accordance with clinical instructions to enhance medical care quality, lower diabetic complications, and compile the annual plans for this year.


  • Provide medical services that are consistent, holistic, and in accordance with the latest medical standards with good design flow and structure, quality evaluation and continuous improving mechanism.
  • Provide complete diabetic medical care, including life style improvement, medication, health education, complication screening and specialist referral, hospitalization and outpatient care, and prevention of complication.
  • Provide patient-centered services to meet the individual needs of the patients and maintain good communication.


  • Improve newly diagnosed diabetic patients’ sugar level, blood pressure, and lipid level.
  • Establish a patient-centered combined care mode to screen and discover the related complications of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients, then refer to appropriate departments for follow up treatments.
  • Proactively control risk factors and life style health management to enhance living quality.
  • Become the best diabetes care center in Taiwan for newly diagnosed diabetic patients.


Diabetes Care Center is under the management of the Vice President of Tungs’ Hospital with an administrative team consisted of Center Director and Executive Secretary. The teams of medical staff include members from Metabolism, Ophthalmology, Department of Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition Therapy, Emergency Department, ICU of Internal Medicine, Metabolism Ward, Department of Community Health Services, Clinical Pathology, IT, and Quality Control.


  • Interdisciplinary medical team operation
  • Advanced and safe medical equipment
  • Informational medical care
  • Patient-centered integrated care
    1. Cases managed by Diabetes Case Manager
    2. Diabetes outpatient health education consultation
    3. Nutrition evaluation and diet consultation
    4. Medication evaluation and consultation
    5. Social welfare consultation
    6. Discharge planning consultation

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