Groups Introduction

Time of Establishment: October 2003

Mission and Purpose

The mission of this group is to enhance positive interactions between the medical staff and the patients, help patients learn more about the disease, and maintain good health and living quality. Tungs’ Hospital is devoted to establishing various patient groups and holding medical care seminars to care for the needs of physiology, psychology, and society.

Group Types

Social workers and the medical care staff work together to establish support groups and educational groups (medical care seminars) based on the types of diseases to help patients help others and themselves to relieve the physiological, psychological, and social issues of the patients and families.


  1. Help patients network with other patients, increase the understanding about the disease, and enhance the health and living quality of the patients.
  2. Enhance patients’ adjustment and self-care competence through education and communication between the patients and medical care staff and the experiences shared among the patients.
  3. Help patients and the society learn more about diabetes and how to prevention.
  4. Integrate related medical care resources to enhance medical care effects and the holistic health functions.

Member Benefits

  1. Attend monthly medical care seminars and group health education, receive instructions from physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and social workers, and get a free blood glucose test and brochure.
  2. Receive a copy of seasonal periodicals that introduce medical care news and health care knowledge.
  3. Receive medical care consultation services.
  4. Participate in social events, such as outings, for patients to network and care for other patients. Members receive discounts on travel expenses.
  5. Utilize referral system to help patients build good communication channels with the medical care staff to receive the best medical care results and maintain the upmost living quality.
  6. Members receive discounts on related medical care products at Medfirst and Kingstone Book Co. Ltd. with passport.
  7. Proactively establish support groups.

Sign Up: Diabetes Health Education Room
Address: B2, Diabetes Health Education Room, 699, Section 8, Taiwan Blvd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City
TEL: (04) 26581919, ext. 4431, FAX: (04) 26582000

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